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What kind of services does EXcoin offer?
EXcoin is committed to providing a secure and reliable trading platform for digital asset derivatives, such as for mainstream cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. We position ourselves as the provider of accurate market data and present our algorithm on the visually-enriched MT4 platform to help clients make decision. We operate as a support for our clients, not as a rival to them.
How do I open an account with EXcoin?
To open an account is simple. Simply click on "Register" and fill out the application form. You will need an "Invitation Code" if there is someone referring you. Otherwise, leave it blank. Your account login id, password, and the MT4 server information will be emailed to you. Please save them for future reference.
How to deposit
See Deposit page.
What if the deposit is not received?
Deposit digital assets such as USDE to EXcoin. The crypto platform (or wallet) shows that the deposit is successful, but why isn't it reflect in EXcoin client portal even after some time?

USDE and other digital assets are deposited into EXcoin in 3 steps:

Withdraw from the coin platform (or wallet) → block Miner Confirmation → EXcoin confirmation of receiving the funds

Some coin platforms display "successful coin transfer" means that the withdrawal order has been executed, whether or not it has been received by EXcoin.

Block Miner Confirmation is required to complete the transfer before EXcoin can receive funds. However, if the block is congested, your virtual asset will not be able to complete all confirmations in time (please pay attention to wallet or block browser announcements, looking for key words such as heavy block traffic).

EXcoin confirmation: Once the block is confirmed, the funds will be credited to your EXcoin account

Please check the following items before contacting the customer service:

If the block confirmation is not yet complete, please be patient.

If the block is confirmed, but your EXcoin account is not credited, please provide the customer service with your EXcoin account, nature of the transfer, Txid (also known as transaction ID, Txid is generated by coin platforms; you can request it from the respective platform).

It is recommended that you submit a work order. Work order contains: screenshot of block confirmation, EXcoin account status. Please make sure the screenshot contents are clear, otherwise we will not be able to process them.
How to withdraw?
See Withdraw page.
How do I add a coin address?
The following is the way to add USDE as an example address: Open the official website of EXcoin: www.excoin.io. Click [Login] in the upper right corner. Click [Transaction Account] → [Address Management] → [Add USDE Address] Select [Address Type], enter the [Address], [Label], and click [Add]. Note: [Address] is the destination platform [Recharge Address], copy and paste the destination platform [Recharge Address] here. Add it and then [Address Management] to view it.
What is the minimum to open an account?
The minimum to open an account on EXcoin is 300 USDE.


My platform shows "Trade Context is busy"
Please restart the MT4 platform. This error should disappear.
My account is shown as invalid?
When your login username and password information is incorrect, an "invalid" account will be displayed. Please check that your login name, password and server address are correct.
Why can't I see all the currency pairs?
To see all currency pairs, right click on the market quote and select "Show all".
I want to change my chart time?
System time cannot be changed. There are local time indicator downloads provided by MetaQuotes community.

How To Open An Account

Please read the following instructions carefully
1.Go to official website www.excoin.io;
2.Click on the menu “Account” -> “Register" to open a new account online;
3.Check customer agreement, click Next;
4.Fill in your personal detail as required, including the branch name of your bank. Note that your email and mobile cannot be modified after registration;
5.Upload a copy of the front and back of your ID card;
6.Click Next to submit;
7.After the personal data is submitted successfully, your account ID and password will be sent to you via email. When you first sign in with your ID, you will become a verified user. From there you can access our full range of service, and start trading digital assets from the client portal.