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EXcoin Defi Launching Announcement

release time:2021-01-13

EXcoin has been looking for a mechanism which is simple, completely free from human factors, and make investors worry-free. This will change the entire digital currency market and even the entire financial landscape. Fortunately, after the unremitting efforts of the technical team, EXcoin will launch a new decentralized Defi trading platform on January 15, 2021, and release the decentralized Defi core asset agreement EXcoin Defi community governance plan. The decentralized nature of digital assets determines that decentralized exchanges will definitely become the mainstream in the future. Because of the fierce competition in existing exchanges, exchanges continue to set up active policies in order to attract customers to trade, and investors continue to capture policy dividends in order to obtain short-term gains, which eventually leads to contradictory opposition between traders and exchanges.

The essence of EXcoin Defi is to use Defi's technical principles to enable investors to store digital assets in their wallets to participate in community governance, and every transaction, every digital asset will be traded on the chain, stored on the chain, and carry out the Reward schemes on the chain. In this way, the automation of investment and the decentralization of transactions are completely realized, and no one, including exchanges, will be able to privately control any asset on the chain, which truly makes transactions simple and safe. Liquidity providers can get a certain amount of income by opening a pool. Each transaction will charge a 0.3% handling fee to the liquidity provider. The actual income of individuals depends mainly on the transaction volume and its share of the pool. EXcoin will improve and comply with the laws and regulations of various countries around the world. After the launch of EXcoin Defi, it will adopt a fair, safe, and compliant automatic reward program. It will also replace the existing option manager system and gradually decentralize its business. Replacing the existing centralized business is to better meet the needs of the future development of digital currency. EXcoin Defi allows you and me to work together to build a new future of decentralized digital currency trading!

Best regards,

EXcoin owns the final interpretation right of this announcement.