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Updates on “Teacher” Helper Activity in "Profit You Earn, Loss We Bear” Campaign

release time:2019-06-15

Starting June 3, 2019, EXcoin will adjust the rules of “Teacher” Helper Activity in “Profit You Earn, Loss We Bear” campaign. This is to standardize the campaign regulations for global market, express gratitude for user support as well as to satisfy pending user request. By training traders to create earnings through placing orders more accurately, the campaign discourages sabotaging behavior such as profit-oriented order-flooding. Thank you for your attention.

The specific rules are as follows:

  1. Amount requirement for account position and order:

          Above 1000 positions, each order cannot exceed 5 USDT;

          Above 5,000 positions, each order cannot exceed 25 USDT;

          Above 10,000 positions, each order cannot exceed 50 USDT;

      2.In scenario where any order exceeds the specified amount, or more than 15 orders are placed by the same individual, the player is deemed a voluntary drop-out. Any loss associated with violating the rules is born at             the player’s own risk.

      3.During the campaign, the only products that can be placed are BTCUSD 1-minute and ETHUSD 1-minute, at a maximum rate of 1 order per minute. In particular, a player can place one order for BTCUSD 1-minute product and one order for ETHUSD 1-minute product simultaneously. More orders can be placed only when the aforementioned time runs out (1 minute).

      4.The campaign measures the overall gain and loss of an account. Players will not be compensated for loss on an individual order.

      5.Any account with position bellow 1000 cannot participate in this campaign.

      6.During the campaign, a “teacher” helper must place 15 orders, and is not allowed to modify the order amount after placement. The order amount must remain the same across different orders, otherwise the “teacher”helper will be forbidden to participate in future helping activity.

      7.Each account can only participate once in the campaign, otherwise the player will not get compensated.

      8.Players may choose not to participate in “teacher” helper activity, and can place orders on their own not exceeding 15 orders per account, so long as all campaign rules are complied with.

      9.On the premise that the campaign rules are complied with, the compensation for loss will be calculated on an hourly basis for the total loss made in one-hour. It applies to transactions executed between 15:00-16:00. Loss generated after 16:00 will not be compensated. After the campaign closes, players will receive the compensation in the form of automatic settlement into their accounts.

    10.Campaign period: Monday to Friday (15:00-16:00), except national holidays. Players will be notified the campaign’s closing date two days in advance on the official website.


(EXcoin reserves the right of final interpretation of this campaign)