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EXcoin China Market Option Trading Investment Specialist (OTIS) Admission Guide

release time:2019-06-15

(1) Background

Option trading is an indispensable derivative in the global market. On February 9, 2015, China launched its first option trading product, 50ETF, a major breakthrough. With the increasing demand for derivatives, and option trading for individual stocks taking place, the option market foresees a prosperous growth. Option trading promotes the healthy development of spot market and tangible economy. Over the past two years, stock market has undergone volatile changes. A mature option market can catalyze market economy, and option derivative will be a crucial component in the future.

Since 2018, China’s domestic option market experiences tremendous growth. On March 31 and April 19, 2018, the option trading of soybean meal and white sugar options were listed, marking the debut of domestic derivative market. However, in contrast with the mature capital markets overseas, China is still seeing a big gap. For instance, in United States, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group by itself has more than 2,000 future or option products, covering more than 200 active varieties. In addition to commodities, stock market options products have also been brought to the agenda. The China SSE 50 ETF option was officially listed for trading in February 2015. As of December 1, the end-of-the-day position of the SSE 50 ETF option was about 1.87 million, and the nominal market value about 53.2 billion yuan. At present, the total market capitalization of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets approaches 57 trillion yuan, of which, only 0.09% is accounted for by stock option trading, a very disproportionate size compared to the total A-share spot market. After the opening of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, A-share institutional investors have been increasing in number, and the demand for risk management becomes increasingly urgent.

In the multi-level capital markets, China's derivative futures market has entered a new stage of growth, and option investment plays an important role in risk management. Driven by regulatory authorities, the development of option products in both commodity and stock markets will enter an accelerating stage.

However, out of the many capable investment professionals, few are recognized by authorities. This affected their career advancement. Because Chinese option market developed relatively late, there is an urgent need to equip investors with practical knowledge and competency. To answer the call of market, and cultivate more experts in option trading, Beijing Zhongjinyu Investment Consulting Co., Ltd established the “Option Trading Investment Specialist Project Office” under the guidance of China Staff Education and Vocational Training Association of the Chinese Ministry of Social Affairs, and starting April 2018, it set forth the Option Trading Investment Specialist (OTIS) exam certification requirement.

The creation of the Option Trading Investment Specialist certificate will equip the nation with a group of visionaries to safeguard the country’s financing sector and contribute to the socialistic economy.

(2)  Introducing the Certificate

The “Option Trading Investment Specialist” certificate, issued according to State Council of China document “Medium-Term Strategic Plan for National Financial Talents (2010-2010)”, aims to enhance the knowledge and capacity of investment analysts in Chinese option market. By drawing similar experience from other countries while integrating domestic needs, it is a certificate opens to Chinese option traders.

Individuals possessing the “Option Trading Investment Specialist” certificate have their professional skills verified by industry authorities. Employers will use this credential to evaluate individuals on their work performance, promotional assessment and so forth. The certificate is recognized throughout China.

Certificate holders are deemed high-achievers in the field of option trading. They have a better edge in career development, clientele relation and community presence.

The "Option Trading Investment Specialist" certificate is awarded at three levels:

1) Option Trading Investment Specialist (Advanced);

2) Option Trading Investment Specialist (Intermediate);

3) Option Trading Investment Specialist (Elementary).

(3) Fee

The fees for becoming an Option Trading Investment Specialist are as follows:

1. Elementary: 3,800 yuan. EXcoin discout 500 USDT

2. Intermediate: 8800 yuan. EXcoin discout 800 USDT

3. Advanced: 16,800 yuan. EXcoin discout 1600 USDT


The fees cover all incumbent costs including registration, training courses, materials, examinations, certification, etc.

To pay the above fees, please make transfers from the applicant's EXcoin account to EXcoin designated address: 8720530

If you encounter problems during the process, please contact EXcoin customer service.

(4)  The following materials in electronic version are required for registration:  

1) Front and back side of ID card (no scaling, 1:1 )

2)  two-inch by two-inch photo against a blue background

3) Applicant’s mailing address to receive certificate and contact phone number

4) Applicant's EXcoin account, fee transfer, and level applied for.

For example: 8720001 transfer to 8720530, registration fee of 500, sign up for Elementary Level.

Please email the above [email protected]

If you encounter problems during the process, please contact EXcoin customer service.

(5) Faculty Strength

To ensure high quality of training and enable the students to gain practical skills, the course will invite experts from renowned institutions such as Peking University to give lectures on theories, and professionals at the Ministry of Commerce Shanghai Futures Exchange to expand on hands-on skills. For Advanced Level class, investors from the US, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan with real-world expertise in option trading will be invited to teach.

(6) Exam Schedule 

The time and location for Option Trading Investment Specialist certification exam will be determined by EXcoin. The exam lasts half a day, and is divided into two parts, theory and practice. Students are guaranteed to receive the certificate. If an exam is failed, EXcoin will offer supplemental course and tutoring free of charge to make sure students pass the next exam.

(7) Application

1. Determine the certificate level and pay the fee.

2. The academic faculty sends out study materials and the students can begin their course.

3. EXcoin schedules the time and location for the exam.

4. Students arrive at the exam and register with their EXcoin account.

5. Certificate will be issued within 45 days after the exam.

6. “Option Trading Investment Specialist” certificate will be mailed to students at the address provided.