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EXcoin Announcement on Outstanding Mining Pool Rewards

release time:2020-05-06

For the platform’s better ecological construction, EXcoin will reward outstanding mining pool brokers starting from 9:00 AM on May 18, 2020 (GMT + 8) to 01:00 AM on November 18, 2020 (GMT + 8). All mining pool brokers can receive 10,000  EXcoin stocks listed on the OTCBB in the United States. If the mining pool broker recommends a group of mining pools, 20,000 stocks will be awarded for each additional group of mining pools (after EXcoin is listed on the main board, it will be automatically converted to Nasdaq stocks). EXcoin will hold a mining pool commendation conference in the United States on December 12, 2020 to grant stocks to mining pool brokers.  
The US OTCBB is managed by NASDAQ ’s National Association of  Security Dealers(NASD). EXcoin ’s reverse acquisition through OTCBB is the best strategy for NASDAQ ’s successful listing, with a short time and high success rate. Judging by the current development performance of EXcoin, it can be promoted from OTCBB to NASDAQ main board Exchange in 1-3 years. Companies including Microsoft and Cisco are also listed on the OTCBB first, and then transfered to the main board transaction after the conditions met requirements.Stocks listed on the Nasdaq are not less than US $ 4 per share, and stocks of blockchain companies even worth more than US $ 20 per share, so holding EXcoin stock means the possibility to enjoy generous rewards in the future. 
EXcoin is committed to developing more products and services, and is making substantial progress in entering the global foreign exchange and futures field. In terms of industrial development, EXcoin has always selected high-quality financial institutions and industries for shareholding investment, including banks, funds, securities, third-party payments, and listed companies in the United States, to integrate a complete industry chain ecology. EXcoin will also do cross-shareholding with some large global financial institutions JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Deutsche, etc. to inject new blood into EXcoin. I believe EXcoin will usher in a new development period.  
Now, EXcoin invites you to build a new ecology of the most developmental financial industry in the world. 
EXcoin has the final interpretation right of this event.