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EXcoin Time Adjustment on Activity "You Take the Profit, I Pay the Loss" Anouncement

release time:2020-05-03

In order to better improve user's trading experience and to help users more effectively grasp options trading in real trading, EXcoin will make some adjustments to the " You Take the Profit, I Pay the Loss " campaign starting May 4th, 2020:
During trading period between 19:00 and 21:00 (GMT+8), the first 28 transactions that meet the rules of the event will be paid according to the total loss amount, and the profit part of the transaction will be deducted during the event period. (withdrawal is enabled after daily settlement)

Activity Rules:
Positions are scanned every night at 18:30, and time over is not counted.
Participating account positions and order amount requirements:
1) 1000-4999 positions, each order must not exceed 10USD;
2) 5000-9999 positions, each order must not exceed 50 USD;
3) For positions of 10000-19999, each order must not exceed 100 USD;
4) 20000-29999 positions, each order must not exceed 200 USD;
5) 30000-39999 positions, each order can not exceed 300 USD;
6) 40000-49999 positions, each order can not exceed 400 USD;
7) 50000-59999 positions, each order must not exceed 500 USD;
8) For positions of 60000-69999, each order must not exceed 600 USD;
9) 70000-79999 positions, each order can not exceed 700 USD;
10) 80000-89999 positions, each order must not exceed 800 USD;
11) For positions of 90000-99999, each order cannot exceed 900 USD;
12) For positions over 100,000, each order cannot exceed 1000 USD;
Any one who places an order in the event exceeding the amount stipulated in the event shall be deemed to have given up participating in the event automatically and shall bear the loss. Only BTCUSD1 minute and ETHUSD 1 minute items can be placed.
The loss and compensation within of the event amount will be automatically settled into the participant's account the day after the event ends.
Activity time: Monday to Friday (from 19:00 to 21:00), closed on holidays. The deadline for the event will be announced in the official website news announcement two days in advance.
Many thanks to every user for their care, understanding and support for EXcoin.
EXcoin reserves the right of final interpretation of this announcement.