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During the U.S. Stock and Bitcoin Market Plunge, EXcoin Derivatives Platform Quickly Heats Up

release time:2020-03-15

 From March 9th to 12th, local time in the United States, the US stock market triggered two fusing mechanisms. This crisis is even more serious than the financial crisis of 2008. The cause is not directly related to the financial system itself, but from the fast spreading of COVID-19 in Europe and and America,the plunge of oil prices, which have brought risks to the real economy. The epidemic prevention measures in Europe and the United States are not as good as expected, which lead to market panic. The epidemic is indeed one of the reasons that stirred the market. At the same time, the OPEC-Russia negotiations broke down and the oil price fell sharply. The world’s expectations for the future pricing of oil system assets are unclear. The pressure on related companies has increased sharply, which has weighed on the overall performance of US stocks. The epidemic and oil doubled, causing widespread panic and pessimism. US stocks melted twice, causing digital assets such as BTC to plummet.
  That being said, what advantages does EXcoin have in this situation of epidemic, oil price war, U.S. stocks plunge, and BTC plunge? EXcoin as the world's first platform that uses digital options to make long and short two-way transactions can help you make profit. EXcoin makes up for the shortcomings of other financial products, known for its simplicity, security, efficiency, and flexibility, which has been a popular investment destination for global investors.
  EXcoin helps investors avoid market risks in digital asset trading, while improving the liquidity of the digital asset market, reducing irrational trading behavior in the digital asset market, and promoting the healthy and stable development of the digital currency and blockchain industry.
  The mission of the EXcoin digital options trading platform is to provide global investors with a series of ideal, secure, and diverse blockchain derivatives trading products or services, so that investors can safely and happily achieve their investment and financial goals.