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Updates on Stablecoin USDE Dividends Campaign

release time:2019-06-15

Starting May 16, 2019, EXcoin improved the dividends campaign policy for depositing stablecoin USDE. Every day, EXcoin users can obtain the benefits the dividends policy brings by keeping the amount of USDE in the account above the eligible level.

On EXcoin, USDE is anchored at 1:1 to USDT. The exchange rate between USDT and US dollar is tethered to 1: 1, making it an ideal trading medium accepted by blockchains all over the world, therefore, an ideal anchor for stablecoin. USDE is the cryptocurrency token of EXcoin platform with stable value. It combines the technical advantage of a cryptocurrency, as well as the reputation and stability of US dollar. As the digital Proof-of-Stake of EXcoin platform, USDE is equipped with a comprehensive trading platform. It is a decentralized blockchain digital asset that operates on Ethereum blockchain and is ERC-20 compliant.

Currencies supported by stablecoin USDE: deposit using OTC fiat currency or Tether currency USDT. Exchange rate is 1 USDT=1 USDE. As stablecoin USDE is the global passport of EXcoin platform, users only need to recharge USDE in their EXcoin accounts. They can also deposit USDT before converting it to USDE.

Phase 1 Quota for Depositing Stablecoin USDE on EXcoin platform: 3 million USDE capped, first come first serve. 

Phase 1: 09:00 on March 1, 2019, to 01:00 on March 1, 2020.

How to participate: once the campaign starts, a user will be automatically enrolled if the account has at least 500 USDE.

The specific rules of USDE dividends campaign are as follows:

1. During the campaign, by depositing USDE, users can enjoy a daily return up to 0.3%. Dividends is calculated on a daily basis except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and market-close.

2. During the campaign, asset evaluation of USDE will be conducted each day after market closes to calculate dividends. Users will receive the dividends in the form of automatic settlement into their account on the same day.

3. During the campaign, if there are withdrawals or transfers made within 30 days from the date of USDE deposit, 6% handling fee will be charged. This fee does not apply for actions after 30 days.  

4. During the campaign, account holders of stable coin USDE can freely perform digital option transactions on EXcoin, as well as partaking in other EXcoin campaigns and promotions, in order to achieve asset liquidity and maximize revenue.

5. If maximum phase 1 quota for USDE dividends is reached, the system will bar further USDE deposit. When that happens, USDT can no longer be exchanged for USDE, but not vice versa. Accounts that have participated in the campaign can continue to enjoy the benefits of the campaign, until all USDE are withdrawn from the user’s account, or until the end of campaign, whichever comes first.

Thank you for your understanding and support towards EXcoin.


(EXcoin reserves the right of final interpretation of this announcement)