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Applying to be a Realtime Teacher Helper, EXcoin (China Region)

release time:2019-09-03

To upgrade Helper campaign, express gratitude for user support, satisfy pending user request, and facilitate more earnings through accurate order placements, EXcoin announces the start of the Realtime Teacher Helper Campaign on September 4, 2019. Thank you for your attention.
The "Options Trading Investment Specialist" certificate holders are deemed high-achievers in the field of options trading. They have a better edge in career development, clientele relation and community presence.
This certificate is awarded at three levels:
1) Options Trading Investment Specialist (Advanced);
2) Options Trading Investment Specialist (Intermediate);
3) Options Trading Investment Specialist (Elementary).
Any certificate holder can become a Teacher Helper for this campaign by applying directly to the customer service, and can start performing the role upon verification. The platform offers the following benefits for the Teacher Helper (dispensed on the next working day):
1) Options Trading Investment Specialist (Advanced); 100 USDT/h as Teacher Helper
2) Options Trading Investment Specialist (Intermediate); 50 USDT/h as Teacher Helper
3) Options Trading Investment Specialist (Elementary); 25 USDT/h as Teacher Helper
1.Lead a minimum 20 participants (followers) for each Teacher Helper transaction activity.
2.The Teacher Helper account is subject to a one-hour application process, and cannot participate during other platform campaigns.
3.Perform a minimum of 20 transactions. 
4.To ensure compensations are dispensed in a timely fashion, Teacher Helper needs to submit his/her MT4 account (name on the certificate has to match the Teacher Helper account), as well as the MT4 accounts of the participants (followers, minimum 20) to customer service for verification at least an hour prior to activities.
5.During the activity, the only products can be placed are BTCUSD 1-minute and ETHUSD 1-minute.
(EXcoin reserves the right of final interpretation of this campaign)