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EXcoin Says Goodbye to the Past Year and Welcomes the New EXcoin 2019 Recap

release time:2020-01-01

As this year comes to an end, we would like to take this time to thank our EXcoin family for helping us accomplish all that we did this year. Whether you were an investor, broker, high-yield team member, or just a supporter – thank you. Your contribution has helped shape us to be where we are today.
On September 15, 2018, EXcoin launched the world's first digital options derivatives trading platform – and since then EXcoin has achieved many milestones that we are proud of including receiveing all the licensing necessary to legally operate. As a legal and compliant company, EXcoin has always complied with the laws and regulations of the regulatory authorities, and has regularly provided financial statements, accepted spot checks at any time, and has never left any bad records.
Being a trustworthy and outstanding exchange, EXcoin represents the highest standard in the world's digital options industry today. 
In 2019, EXcoin is committed to providing the highest standard wimaintaining a secure platform that promotes stable growth for its users. Born in the booming period of the blockchain, EXcoin seized the opportunity and has become one of the fastest growing and most popular digital options trading platforms in the world. With over 100,000 transactions per second, EXcoin has set the record for highest real-time transaction volume in MT4 history.
Thanks to our technical strengths and market reputation, EXcoin has been recognized by the world's most important traders.
During the London CC Forum on October 26th, EXcoin made a positive impression by discussing our equity sharing model where we split 50% of the profits within the EXcoin community. Because this model is unique compared to other digital options trading platforms, it has given us a strong competitive advantage. 
In recognition of EXcoin's innovative achievements, EXcoin also received an award for Best Digital Options Platform during the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai. This award was presented by Dr. Sid Ahmed Benraouane, Chairman of the US ISO Innovation Management System Team, MENA Government Adviser, and Member of the Senior Advisory Board – it was an honor to receive this award from someone with an incredible amount of influence in this industry.  
The Future is looking bright
With the advancement of technology and blockchain there is so much to be accomplished in 2020.  In order for EXcoin to strive and stay competitive we plan to execute these new projects and strategies:
•  EXcoin will launch new products: EXcoinPay, e-wallet service, and smart card cold storage. 
•In terms of foreign exchange transactions and global payments, USDE will be anchored with the central bank's digital currency DCEP, and users can use central bank digital currencies or USDE to make payments.
•Based on the USDE empowerment design, in addition to using USDE to deposit currency to generate interest, it also introduces functions such as asset activation and investment in US stocks. Hope you are as excited as EXcoin, as this will help improve your miner level and return on investment. This is how EXcoin gives back to its customers.
•EXcoin and ClixTv of the United States have reached a long-term strategic cooperation. ClixTV will open an exclusive EXcoin digital options channel and will leverage 200 million European and American users for the EXcoin digital options trading platform.

Excoin has participated in many events before, accumulating resources for future events, providing high-quality media coverage, and learning how to launch larger events globally. EXcoin is discussing with the organizers of many events to further increase brand awareness and expand EXcoin's footprint on the global stage by speaking, sponsoring and participating in exhibitions. Through these international exchanges, video footage, media reports and other various market forms, it helps EXcoin new users and existing loyal communities to attract more users to the platform.
Finally, thank you again for your support of EXcoin. Although it is still young, EXcoin is no longer the same as when it was founded. Since the development of EXcoin, not only has the team worked countless days and nights of hard work and hard work, but also the support and love of users and partners. This year, EXcoin has not forgotten its original intention, and has shouldered more responsibilities while gaining many honors, not only for all users of EXcoin, but also for the global digital option derivatives industry and environment. Here, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to every market elite who has supported and helped EXcoin around the world! EXcoin will forge ahead and create greater glory! 
EXcoin Limited wishes you a Happy New Year!