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EXcoin Anniversary: Leap through 2019 into the future

release time:2019-09-15

EXcoin digital options derivative has become the new trend. First year’s trading volume surpasses a staggering $600M.

On September 15, 2018, global leader EXcoin Digital Options Derivatives Exchange launched the world's first digital options trading. Since platform launch, users expectation for quality trading keeps increasing. To meet that demand, EXcoin is constantly bettering the services. A large number of investors are using the platform to realize more opportunity for their return-on-investment and EXcoin sees an obligation to offer them the best financial experience. Similar to traditional options trading, digital options hedge risk and ensure stable returns. Options trading, as an innovative instrument, makes up for the drawback of the other two financial products, namely, stocks and bonds. Digital options, in particular, are known for simplicity, security, efficiency and flexibility. Since their introduction, they have been a popular destination for global investors.
Looking back, EXcoin has walked a long way with its clients and achieved many milestones, including obtaining Estonian licensing and breaking the $600M trading volume in its first year of operation. On September 15th 2019, Mru Patel, President of Global Operations, celebrated EXcoin’s one-year anniversary during a NASDAQ interview. He summed up the past year’s brilliant achievements and shared with the viewers the company’s global vision into the future.

2019 was about building a secure platform and realizing a steady growth for EXcoin
EXcoin was created during the blockchain’s boom. Taking advantage of the bigger picture, it has developed into a mega exchange that is capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second (equivalent to Visa), setting the record for “platform with the highest trading volume” in MT4’s history. As a pioneer in options trading, it is recognized by investment professionals as the world’s first platform integrating cryptocurrency with traditional financial instruments. MT4 is supported by major institutions and has a community of over one hundred million users, making it the most secure, stable and trusted exchange platform globally. With EXcoin’s further enhancements on the platform’s analytics and visual, it places itself in a unique category of platform globally, supporting over forty languages and thousands of technical indicators. EXcoin seeks to build an ecosystem of product and service to serve the global market.

2019 saw steady growth and advancement for EXcoin
EXcoin was created during blockchain’s boom. Taking advantage of the bigger picture, EXcoin has developed into a mega exchange that processes millions of dollar in millisecond, setting the record for “platform with the highest trading volume” in MT4’s history.

The EXcoin team is committed to bridging the gap between digital currency and financial derivatives market. On one hand, digital currency is used for trading of traditional financial derivatives such as options, CFD, foreign exchange, etc. On the other hand, various digital currency ETFs will be introduced to offer more liquidity options. EXcoin revolutionizes the market for billions of financial derivatives.

With its strong technical capacity and market reputation, EXcoin has been recognized by investors all over the world. EXcoin aims to be a world-class financial service platform for investors and to offer advanced and secure online trading technical support and reliable customer service. In the capital market, EXcoin adheres to the principle of “fairness, efficiency and intelligence”.

Young as it is, EXcoin has changed a lot from where it started. It owes its success to the EXcoin team’s tenacious effort behind the scene, as well as tremendous supports from collaborating partners. This year, while being recognized for various accolades, EXcoin is taking up more responsibilities on behalf of every platform user as well as the bigger digital options market. With infinite gratitude, EXcoin is determined to bring more glory into the future.